What Is M-22 Gas Burners

Industrial growth with the impact of globalisation has paced its way to tremendous heights and in the reference of same the SEPL has also put their best foot forward in the development of Gas & Combustion Products. We have made continuous efforts in contributing for the Gas handling & combustion equipment and amid the COVID-19 we continued our operations borne in mind the precautions for becoming a helping hand to Indian economy. SEPL is the established name in the industry for the creation of Commercial gas burners with the best squad of experts. One of the results of that proficiency is the creation of M-22 burners with tremendous precision and keeping in mind the necessary requisites for the same.

Outlook of M-22 burner

M-22  Burner is a high pressure Commercial Type atmospheric Burner with description as follows Burner Consumption /Rated heat output   10620 Kcal/hr. i.e. 42115 BTU/Hr. Diameter of Burner Head 60mm / 2.36 ins Height (Adjustable) 235 to 275mm Ideal heavy-duty burners for bulk frying and general heating requirements of industries and pharmaceuticals, produce powerful spreading type blue flames. The flame shape of these burner is as LOTUS.  This Burner is recommended to be used at a pressure of 0.3 kg/ cm2 (4.5psig), however, this may be varied by + 25%

Key attributes of M-22 burner

  • The installation procedure of the burner is very portable and easy to use.
  • The burner creates a High Temperature Spreading flame which requires Mainly in Cooking of Chines Foods.
  • Models Designed in consideration of IS14612 approved by the EN 676 European standards and key significance given in maintaining the Indian standards.
  • Burner apt for the use for achieving the high performance in different kind of modulating operation available in market space.

These burners designed for best Air fuel ratio for complete combustion of Gas for High Combustion Efficiency and the advanced highlights of the burner are well equipped for satisfying the needs of users who are keen to use these in the highest Cooking Kitchen  Equipment efficiency.

We make the availability of the burners to our clients at the best possible market price for the harmonious construction. Our Burners & Gas Handling Equipment used by major organisations for the creation of best Kitchen Equipment for Hospitality Industry and in reference to the same we have now created a team of research and development working for the most pre-eminent précised work in gas burners & Gas Handling Equipment.  We test our burners which are state of art BIS-ISI approved in house Laboratory for their performance & safety.  The Thermal Efficiency of our burners is approx. 15% above from Locally Made Burners. This creation is an extra element addition to the pride of the SEPL which acts as an accomplishment with precision. Apart from the M-22 burner our engineers are well qualified and experienced in the creation & Design of other gas equipment’s used for different purposes specially curated with the precise techniques well-handled from several years by the experts.

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