Everything you need to know about Push to Test Valve

A Push to Test Valve is designed to protect pressure gauges from excessive pressure and unnecessary tension on the bourdon tube and diaphragm in the gas pipeline. The Push to Test Valve is a stopper between the measuring line and the pressure gauge.The frequently spoilage of Pressure Gauges is Major Problem of Industry where Gas Burners & combustion equipment’s are used. To eliminate this problem, SEPL has developed an indigenous Push to Test Valve.

These Valves are used primarily in Gas Trains Specially in Second Stage, & Third Stage.  Where Low Pressure Gauges are being Used.  The Third Stage as well as Second Stage Gas Trains Having Low Pressure Gauge IE Milli bar (MBAR) or Water column Gauge which are so sensitive to Jerk Pressure as well. We usePush toTest Valve/ Pressure Gauge Valve to protect Pressure Gauges from Jerk as well as from High pressure situation which may be used in conditions of failure of pressure reducing Valves or Regulators.

The Push to Test Valve is normally closed. There is no pressure applied to the pressure gauge in this state. When we push the spindle, pressure is applied to the pressure gauge, displaying the operating pressure. When we remove the force from the spindle, the Valve automatically stabilizes in normal close condition, releasing pressure from the pressure gauge. The use of this Valve extends the life and accuracy of more expensive pressure gauges.

SEPL Push Button Valve replaces a manual ball valve when mounting pressure gauges to gas piping. The pressure on the gauge can be read when manually actuated by pushing a spring return button. When the Valve is released, it automatically closes, and the pressure on the gauge is removed. The Push Button extends the life of the pressure gauge and protects it from pressure surges. It is also used to ensure that the gauge is still working properly.

Our goal is to provide high-quality gas handling equipment to businesses and individuals worldwide free of flaws and flaws to ensure safety and smooth operation. We ensure good design and quality assurance through a product’s life cycle, from the cradle to the grave. Since our inception in this industry, we have been consistent in providing a superior quality array of products following the needs of our clients. For our product design and testing, we adhere to Indian and International Standards such as BSEN, ISO, and BIS.

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