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What is Efficiency of Fuel and What is Combustion Efficiency and How This Impact on Burner Behavior?

We will start with telling you what efficiency means and then get into the subject of today’s topic. What Is Efficiency & How it Impact on cost of Cooking / Heating: Efficiency is defined as the (often measurable) ability to avoid wastage of Heat Energy, Money, and time in Cooking or producing the desired result. […]

What is OISD and How Does it Govern the Gas Handling & InstallationsProjects?

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas had in 1986 constituted OISD to enhance safety in the industry. OISD carries out safety audits of oil and gas installations besides formulating and standardizing procedures and guidelines for design, operation, and maintenance. OISD consists of a small core group of technical experts of various disciplines, on deputation […]